The most intuitive, intelligent and pro-active Digital Signage Network monitoring tool in the market. Designed by experts to provide full control of your signage network

What does Cyclops do?

MRX-Cyclops is our current flagship product. It provides a pro-active and intuitive estate monitoring tool that enables you to view your signage estate from several vantage points.

The top-level “map-view” provides real-time overall health of your signage network. The intuitive navigation screens facilitate access to detailed data that is distributed throughout your network. You can choose the granularity of the displayed data and can “drill-down” through your custom network hierarchy (e.g. by region, location, group, site or individual screen) until you reach the level matching your current monitoring query.

You can define and customise the monitoring structure as well as the perspective of the detail displayed so that any specific class of user is provided with an appropriate real-time panorama of the total data-space.

Cyclops is a responsive, comprehensive, flexible, highly interactive and increasingly essential tool capable of monitoring estates comprising tens of thousands of screens.



Executive Overview

Cyclops visualises both high-level and flexible granularity detail gathered in real-time from your digital signage network.

Monitoring & Alerts

Cyclops collects “live” data from your signage estate in real-time and delivers powerful and customisable alerts tailored to your network and business requirements. The alerting functionality is configurable to be as sensitive, or generic, as you require - it's control interfaces are designed to ensure you remain in control.


The normal Cyclops view is a map chosen by you to suit your specific network. You can monitor your signage estate by region, country, continent or global. Customised, stylised or functional maps can also be supported.

Zoom In

From the outset Cyclops was designed to provide you with an intuitive zoom function that enables you to rapidly focus your attention in to any area of your network. At a glance you assess a panoramic view of the health of an area before zooming into through intermediate levels all the way down to a single player. At the player level you have instant access to historical data showing uptime, downtime and full playlist execution information.

Proof of Play

Cyclops has an innate proof-of-play functionality and is in continuous contact with all the players it is managing. Being able to know what is currently playing and what has played is a vital business and revenue critical function, it is also a key added-value confidence enabler for both signage network managers and their customers. Cyclops continuously accumulates live and historic information and rapidly and flexibly makes it available “at your fingertips”.

Data Harvesting & Analysis

From the moment Cyclops is connected to your signage network it starts collecting data. By design it collects, aggregates, formats and delivers key reports. Out of the box Cyclops incorporates a suit of most commonly required reports, but if your specific business needs further enhanced, simplified or alternately formatted reports then let us know as we are always happy to help create them.

More integrations to come