MRX Social provides you with the flexibility to display pages of relevant and customised social media content on your screens - how you want it, where you want it, when you want it. Your choice entirely with an easy to use, intuitive tool designed for you


Social is packed with the following features.

Facebook Integration

Live feeds from any Facebook page can be displayed on your screens.


Fully customise all content, from the size of the images to the animation speed and direction.

Instagram Integration

Import images with configurable hashtags from selected accounts.

Brand identity

Incorporate logos and visuals to reflect the branding and identity of your organisation.

Scala, Samsung & MRX Compatible

Native support on these platforms.

Support & Upgrades

Roadmap feature releases are included in the subscription model and, needless to say, you will receive premium support.

Adjusts to your screen

Automatic adaptation to the screen size you're using at your venue.

Future-proof with HTML5

No need to install any software, works in any modern browser, native to any screen supporting HTML5.

Social in action

See how easy it is to use

How it works

Video about how social works and what it does?


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More integrations to come